Greetings earthlings

OWD is a creative studio based in Stockholm, Sweden. Established by Oskar Wettergren, a experienced freelance creative and graphic designer.

I help manage and develop brands through visual communication, specializing in branding and typography.

I believe design is first and foremost function. I love communicative, well thought out and balanced design. Where every element has a clear and distinct purpose.

This is a selection of my work.




Role: Designer
Agency: OWD
For: Oklart Type Foundry

Typography / Display Typeface

Keanu is a display typeface inspired by west coast graffiti & chicano lettering.

Keanu [keˈjɐnu]

From ke (“the”) +‎ anu (“coolness”); coolness is a symbol of happiness and romance in the warm Hawaiian climate.

I wanted something blackletter-esque that works big, with long stems and sharp angles.

Available soon.

Sans Serif

Role: Designer
Agency: OWD
For: Oklart Type Foundry

Typography / Display   Typeface

Wetsans is a modern, nostalgic typeface with an aggressively kind demeanour. It comes in five different weights, all capitals with symbols and üßåäö.

I wanted to make a typeface of my most elemental idea of what letters are. An open, legible and friendly sans serif that could pare together with a large variety of other typefaces.

Tove - Lo

Truth Serum

Role: Hand Lettering
With: Daniel Åberg (AD/GD)
Agency: Universal Music Creative Labs
For: Tove Lo

Typography / Handwritten

Before singing her own songs Tove Lo was known as songwriter writing music for other artists. But some songs she felt were too personal to give to someone else, which resulted in the Truth Serum EP.

There’s a depth and rawness to it. A darkness which we wanted to be reflected in all of the graphic material, to give the feeling that you’re given access to a personal diary.

Working closely together with talented Daniel Åberg, I wrote hundreds of versions of every word, not necessarily trying to achieve beauty but rather something personal and honest. 

The rawness comes, in part, from wearing out pens to about 10% of capacity and getting a gritty texture.