ABBA 40th Anniversary
ABBA / Polar Music
Branding / Creative Direction

In 2014 I was creatively in charge of ABBA’s 40th Anniversary and worked at Universal Music Creative Labs together with Mia Segolsson at Polar Music. We did everything from a (the worlds warmest) greeting card (book), releases, a Monopoly, typography posters, a photo book and  communication surrounding the celebration.

ABBA have very loyal fans, and even though it had been decades since they last played, their love seemed endless. I noticed that the fans had a need to express their love, and did so willingly and often. But that praise rarely got to the four members of ABBA. So I wanted to create a bridge between fans and the group, and what better way than a giant, warm greeting card. Thanking them for the music and the memories.

We set up a simple site where fans could write their greetings, the greetings would then instantly be sent to a printer set up att ABBA the Museum in Stockholm. When the campaign was over all the greetings were checked and then printed into four books -  on to each of the members. All of this was done in secret and the books were a surprise gift.

The campaign was very loved by both the fans and the group, further tightening the bond between them. The book got more than 100.000 geertings covering more than 300 book pages. 

Limited edition lyric posters printed on thick quality paper printed and folied. Sold at ABBA the Musem and online.