Greetings earthlings

OWD is a creative studio based in Stockholm, Sweden. Established by Oskar Wettergren, a experienced freelance creative and graphic designer.

I’ve worked in the advertising, music and design business helping manage and develop brands through strategic visual communication, specializing in branding and typography.

I believe design is first and foremost function. I love communicative, well thought out and balanced design. Where every element has a clear and distinct purpose.

This is a selection of my work.




Role: Designer
Agency: OWD
For: Oklart Type Foundry

Typography / Display Typeface

Keanu is a display typeface inspired by west coast graffiti & chicano lettering. I wanted something blackletter-esque that works big, with long stems and sharp angles.

Keanu [keˈjɐnu]

From ke (“the”) +‎ anu (“coolness”); coolness is a symbol of happiness and romance in the warm Hawaiian climate.

Available soon.


Role: Graphic Designer
Agency: Area MG
For: Washstop Scandinavia

Branding / Typography / App / Stationary

Washstop is a eco friendly car wash. I was asked to design a full graphic profile, stationary, business cards, wash stations including pay stations, and their app.

I wanted to push their eco friendly aspect with big, welcoming letters and a drop/leaf icon dressed in two shades of birch green.

It was important to have a clear and functional typography and layout since a lot of different clients with varying knowledge of technology.

Sans Serif

Role: Designer
Agency: OWD
For: Oklart Type Foundry

Typography / Display   Typeface

Wetsans is a modern, nostalgic typeface with an aggressively kind demeanour. It comes in five different weights, all capitals with symbols and üßåäö.

I wanted to make a typeface of my most elemental idea of what letters are. An open, legible and friendly sans serif that could pare together with a large variety of other typefaces.