Oskar Wettergren Design

OWD is a one-man design studio based in Stockholm, Sweden. Established in 2014 by Oskar Wettergren, an experienced freelance designer focused on branding and typography.

This is a selection of my work.


Role: Designer
Agency: OWD
For: Oklart Type Foundry

Type Design

John Bauer’s illustrations had a very soft and naturally mystical quality to them, but at the same time there was often a darkness and a sense of danger present. I wanted to represent both these opposites in the Bauer font. This is achieved by combining soft, curved crossbars and a warm middle in with a hard surrounding shell and sharp angular serifs. Like vines climbing a structure, the insides are soft, flowing and decorative enhanced by deeply rounded corners while the shell is sharp with harsh, unforgiving edges.

The goal was to find elegance and frailty within a harsher environment. I chose to use quite heavy brackets, as the curved transitions create a soft blackness to otherwise low contrast lines, and at the same time play with the roundness of the counters. I also wanted it to flow together and enlace like roots in a forest, so I made a set of ligatures to enhance this feeling of natural intertwine while sustaining legibility.

Sthålm Media

Role: Designer
Agency: OWD
For: Sthålm Media

Branding / Identity

Sthålm is a media company based in Stockholm, Sweden.

Sthålm Media wanted something bold and simple to reflect their company values. Clear, minimal and straight to the point.

It needed to work big as well as really small and be a clear identifier.

The design approach follows the same lines of thought and are very direct and straight forward, almost to the point of being simplistic.  

We wanted to create a feel of as little as design as possible.

Petra Mono  

Role: Designer
Agency: OWD
For: Oklart Type Foundry

Type Design

Petra Mono is a retro futuristic typeface inspired by old science fiction books and films. It comes in 13 different widths, all caps with numbers.

Pictures by (in order of



Stephen Packwood

Heather Shevlin

Kody Dahl

Stacey Gabrielle Koenitz

Valentin Lacoste

The different widths are made to make Petra more adaptable to both space and context. The narrower weights give readability and works well small, while the wider have more expression and work well in bigger sizes.