Oskar Wettergren is working independently towards start-ups and small to medium companies, studios and agencies. Helping manage and develop brands through strategic visual communication. He has worked in the advertising, music and design-business with brands and artists like ABBA, Nissan, Tove Lo, Adidas, Avicii, Clas Olsson and Beko. 

Project Information


Stress free Christmas
Clas Ohlsson / King Solutions 

I was hired to type the title ‘Merry Stress Free Christmas’ in five different languages for King's Christmas campaign for Clas Ohlsson.

Type was used in adverts, store display and on their Youtube channel.

Tove Lo Title Typography 
Universal Music

Before singing her own songs Tove Lo was known as songwriter writing music for other artists. But some songs she felt were too personal to give to someone else, which resulted in the Truth Serum EP.
There’s a depth and rawness to it. A darkness which we wanted to be reflected in all of the graphic material, to give the feeling that you’re given access to a personal diary.

Working closely together with talented Daniel Åberg, I wrote hundreds of versions of every word, not necessarily trying to achieve beauty but rather something personal and honest. The rawness comes, in part, from wearing out pens to about 10% of capacity and getting a gritty texture.

Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin
OWD Sthlm

Limited (10x) edition poster made in honor of Yuri Gagarin, the first human to cross into outer space, and his vessel Vostok 1.
Quermy Display is used in cosmonaut orange.

Misc Typography

Misc logos and wordmarks I’ve done thoughout the years.