Role: Designer
Agency: OWD
For: Oklart Type Foundry

Type Design

Quermy is a experimental display typeface.

Jonas Rosén - Pandemi

Role: Graphic Designer / Art Director
Agency: OWD
For: Jonas Rosén

Branding / Typography / Art Direction

Photography by :
Oleg Sergeichik

For Jonas Roséns latest single Pandemi (Pandemic) I wanted to convey the feeling of being cramped up and locked in and also play on the (new) fears of having a lot of people in close proximity.

To exaggerate the feeling I let a thick black frame enclose the picture while using the type bigger as contrast.  

Stress Free Christmas

Role: Type design / Illustration
Agency: King
For: Clas Ohlson

I was hired to type the words ‘Merry Stress Free Christmas’ in five different languages in King's campaign for Clas Ohlson.


Role: Designer
Agency: OWD
For: Oklart Type Foundry

Type Design

Keanu is a display typeface loosely inspired by west coast graffiti.

Keanu [keˈjɐnu]

From ke (“the”) +‎ anu (“coolness”); coolness is a symbol of happiness and romance in the warm Hawaiian climate.

I wanted something blackletter-esque that works big, with long stems and sharp angles.

Game - Respawn Week

Role: Art Director / Graphic Designer
With: Omid Fard (Copy)
Agency: TBWA London
For: Game
Never Published

Easter is the perfect gaming holiday. A full week of doing what you enjoy doing with very few obligations.

Also respawning is a bit like what someone else did during this time of year.

The two designs was made to emphasise the battle scars of a true gaming session. A glorious feeling most gamers recognize.

Happy Respawn Week!


Role: Designer
Agency: OWD
For: Oklart Type Foundry

Typography / Typeface Design

Eskatos is the decaying typeface.

Åke Westh

Role: Graphic Designer
Agency: OWD
For: Åke Westh AB

Logotype and costom typography for Åke Westh Konsult AB, a company working with future-proofing libraries and workspaces.

Important words in his line of work is collaboration, future and transformation.  Something I wanted to bring in to his symbol, combining the letters and simplifying the Å glyph.

Sans Serif

Role: Designer
Agency: OWD
For: Oklart Type Foundry / Kilsvikens Husteknik

Kilsviken Sans Serif is a  display typeface with an kind demeanour. It comes all capitals with åäö.

Based on glyphs originally drawn for the logo of Kilsvikens Husteknik I later built a full display typeface. I wanted it to be strict legible and masculine.

Badvice Official

Role: Creator / Graphic Designer
Agency: OWD
With: Pej van Urk

Social Media / Graphic Design

Badvice Official was a ‘motivational’ Instagram account on which I posted proverbs I completely disagree with.

I hope you don't like it.

I wanted to play with  what we percieve as deep and profound thought.

More specifically on a surface centered platform (Instagram) where pretending often is seen equal to doing.

I wrote, designed and posted 111 grams under a period of two months.

I find it very interesting how we, as designers, can make things look and seem more real than they really are.

In a sense the power we’re given when surface is king. No matter the content.

Nissan Nismo - Performance Unleashed

Role: Creative / Art Director
Agency: TBWA London
For: Nissan
Together with Omid Fard (Copywriter).
Published: Worldwide.

In 2013 Nissan wanted to introduce their new, digitally enhanced car, Juke Nismo to the european market.

They wanted to convey their deep history as well as digital approach in a new and impactful way.

Using the red O of Nismo as the portal between the digital and physical world. The spread ran in several British magazines and became so popular in other markets that they decided to run it to.

The graphic manner set  is still in use today and seen world wide.

Forest Grove Lures

Role: designer / Type design 
Agency: OWD
For: Forest Grove Lures

Forest Grove Lures is a small fishing lure company out of Stockholm, Sweden.

As they make their lures by hand I wanted the logo to reflect that hand crafted old school manner.

Logo made in three different sized to work on smaller surfaces as well as used big.

Sans Serif

Role: Designer
Agency: OWD
For: Oklart Type Foundry

Typography / Display   Typeface

Wetsans is a modern, nostalgic typeface with an aggressively kind demeanour. It comes in five different weights, all capitals with symbols and üßåäö.

I wanted to make a typeface of my most elemental idea of what letters are. An open, legible and friendly sans serif that could pare together with a large variety of other typefaces.

Nancy’s Dead - Out of time

Role: Art Director / Graphic Designer
Agency: OWD
For: Nancy’s Dead

Nancy’s Dead is a grunge band based in Stockholm, Sweden.

For their EP ‘Out of time’ I wanted to visualize the song’s blistering grunge.

Using a  picture from the bands chaotic rehersal space, gritted down and colourized together with a  typography illustration of clock hands, showing  time running out.


Role: Art Director / Graphic Designer /
With: Johan Leandersson (AD)
Agency: Berghs
For: HSB
Won: Framtida Uppslag (Future Spreads) - Gold
Published: Several Swedish Magazines

HSB is Sweden’s biggest cooperation that builds apartment housing.

They asked us to create a magazine ad, convincing new parents to start saving with them for their kids apartment.

It was first published in Mama and Papa Magazine. The line translates to “Save in time”.

Shadi G - Where we go

Role: Art Director / Graphic Designer
Photographer: Johan Schmetzer
Agency: Rithuset
For: Shadi G / Goldamin Records

Shadi G is a electropop artist / producer out of Gotherburg, Sweden.

On the cover for the single 'Where we go' I wanted to translate the sense of floating wounder I got from hearing the song.

I chose to put Shadi inside a spacesuit. Face lit with intricate lighting. Using her face and expression to show that she's watching something wonderful and dreamlike. This something reflecting on her visor.

Audio Self Portrait

Role: Art Director / Graphic Designer
For: Personal project

Self protrait made by my voice recorded, drawn and arranged.

I wanted to make a self portrait that shared something different than an enterpretation of my physical being.

There are many things that I feel make me who I am. What I look like have little to do with that. It’s also something I can’t control.

What I can control is what I have to say. So I recorded myself, drew the soundwaves created and arranged them on a 50x70 poster, printed on matte paper.