Stress Free Christmas

Role: Type design / Illustration
Agency: King
For: Clas Ohlson

I was hired to type the words ‘Merry Stress Free Christmas’ in five different languages in King's campaign for Clas Ohlson.

ABBA - Lyric Posters

Role: Art Director / Graphic Designer
Agency: Universal Music Creative Labs
For: Polar Music

During ABBA's 40th Anniversary I was asked to interpret ABBA lyrics typographically.

Printed on fine paper, UV coated, and sold at ABBA the Museum and webstore.

Åke Westh

Role: Graphic Designer
Agency: OWD
For: Åke Westh Konsult AB

Åke Westh Konsult AB is a company working with future-proofing libraries and workspaces. Important words in his line of work is collaboration, future and transformation.  Something I tried to bring in to his symbol, combining the letters and simplifying the Å.

Nancy - 1981

Role: Art Director / Graphic Designer
Agency: OWD
For: Nancy

Nancy is a rock band based in Stockholm, Sweden. All typography drawn by me.
Check them out here:
Spotify / Itunes

Shadi G - Where we go

Role: Art Director / Graphic Designer / Typographer
Photographer: Johan Schmetzer
Agency: Rithuset
For: Shadi G / Goldamin Records

Shadi G is a electropop artist/producer out of Gotherburg, Sweden.

On the cover for the single 'Where we go' I wanted to translate the sense of floating wounder I got from hearing the song. I chose to put Shadi inside a spacesuit. Face lit with intricate lighting. Using her face and expression to show that she's watching something wonderful and dreamlike. This something reflecting on her visor.

Misc Logos & Type

Mixed typography and logotypes I’ve done through the years.